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Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) undergraduate degrees will normally require completion of progressively more difficult classes in computer science, mathematics and many general education courses. In some cases, the undergraduate degree requirements will include a thesis paper or some research work.

Small class instructionCourses in a bachelor's degree program at a computer science school will mainly focus on software development, technology management and computer science. A student must make sure they achieve a clear understanding of these subjects. In such classes, students are taught human-computer interactions, programming, and understanding the concepts and theories behind software development.

Most undergraduate degree students will have to achieve a high level of mathematical understanding. They will need several classes in mathematics including calculus.

Once a student has finished their degree, they can start looking for employment. Careers in undergraduate CS degrees vary and since the subject is wide, there is a range of specialties that an individual can choose from.

Most career areas are still growing strong. Employers understand that their information systems are vital to the health of their companies, so they are willing to pay well in order to hire and retain good information technology employees.

There are many careers for graduates with a computer science degree. Three solid career choices are systems analysts, software engineer and computer programmer. System analysts communicate with clients in order to come up with the best system for a client's needs. A software engineer is in charge of applying procedures and techniques used in the evaluation, design, testing and development of software systems. A computer programmer mainly works on, creates and updates system software.

When you get a job in any of these positions, you are likely to start at an entry-level position. Most companies and employers give new hires a few months probation to determine their skill level and fit within the organization. In this initial position, your duties and responsibilities will involve handling small technical issues. After the probation period, your work and job responsibilities will expand.

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Featured School Today:

Harvey Mudd College is a private university in Claremont, California devoted to engineering, science and mathematics.

The school offers three undergraduate majors in this discipline:
1. A Computer Science Major
2. A Joint Major in Computer Science and Mathematics
3. A Mathematical and Computational Biology Major

The curriculum includes foundational courses in algorithms, data structures, discrete mathematics, theory and logic, software development, programming language theory, and systems.

Electives may include advanced topics in algorithms, operating systems, architecture, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, compiler design, networks, databases, computer vision, knowledge-based systems, robotics, neural networks, parallel computation, real-time computation and other special topic courses.

Harvey Mudd is a small university with one of the highest tuition levels of any college in the country.

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