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One of the great aspects of wanting to get into the field of computers and information technology is the abundance of degree programs in this field. You can find various degrees offered at most colleges, from community colleges to four-year universities. Explore other degrees.

While the actual degree and level of education may vary, you should be able to locate a school to get enrolled at and get started on either earning your degree or at least taking your first few classes before you transfer to the next school.

The City University of New York (CUNY) system of schools offers New York residents a good affordable education. One of these schools -- Queens College -- is urban school placed in a great, suburban setting. They are one of the biggest CUNY schools and have a diverse student body. Queens college strives to offer personalized attention to each student. Their science, liberal arts, and pre-professional programs earn them high rankings for quality versus cost. They are one of New York's top educational institutions. Learn more about other computer science schools in New York.

When people think of Milwaukee's colleges, they typically think of UW-Milwaukee, Marquette University and Milwaukee School of Engineering. And those are the three big schools, but there are other smaller schools that prospective students should consider as well. Learn more about these schools.

Macalester College in Saint Paul, Minnesota is one of the Twin Cities great colleges. It's a tremendous liberal arts college that attracts an international body of students. It's also pretty expensive. Explore other options in Minneapolis and the rest of Minnesota.

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