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Not every student is lucky enough to either live near a great college or be able to move away to attend college.

For the students that fall into this category, online college programs may be a good option.

Not every field of study is suited to being learned online, but information technology is. Many students have success with learning computer science and other IT subjects via distance learning. Most of the biggest colleges, like the U of Wisconsin, are already doing it.

While most students would probably prefer to experience college the old-fashioned way, having an online option is a blessing to many. Learn more about online class options.

Graphic design is another field that works well via online courses. Graphic design isn't a major that every college offers, so online courses may be the only way some students are able to enroll in this major. Find out more about studying design this way.

Another popular online major is animation. Computer animation students are enrolling in online programs because they can't find the right program at their local college. A site like will talk more about this.

If you are fortunate enough to already live in a big city, then you will probably be able to locate a local university that you can enroll at. But even these colleges will offer some classes online. All universities are discovering that students want options and appreciate convenience, so they are working at building more on-the-Web courses and options. You can look at these types of options in Phoenix AZ and Milwaukee WI along with other cities.

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